The Willows Inn offers a prix fixe breakfast on mornings following dinner service from 8:30am – 10:30am for $45/person. Breakfast reservations are recommended for guests not staying at the Willows Inn. We take reservations 7 days in advance for outside guests.



We offer ala carte snacks and drinks from noon – 4pm on any day we are also open for dinner. No reservations required. Parties of 5 or more please do call ahead.

Sample Breakfast Menu

apple cucumber juice
island goat milk filmjolk
buckwheat brioche
plum jam and cultured butter
heirloom sprouted rye whole-wheat bread with walnuts
soft boiled duck eggs
shaved fennel and tarragon flowers
flint corn polenta with wild mushrooms
cured steelhead lox
sautéed loganita kale
house cured smoked bacon
island orchard fruit
hazelnut cookies

Sample Midday Menu

hazelnuts, fromage blanc, and marinated olives
assorted charcuterie, local cheeses and pickles
puntarelle salad with venison heart
boudin blanc sausage
salmon rillettes with horseradish and cucumber
pumpkin ice cream with chestnut and pumpkin seed