Going by an old adage – a picture is worth a thousand words – this will be the longest blog in our history (maybe any blog’s history). Several thousand ‘words’ worth.

One of the most significant, colorful food events of our year is the First Harvest Dinner with prominent chefs invited to join Chef Blaine Wetzel and his sterling chef staff to create two nights of supreme, original dinner menus. The artful beauty of every course and bite is exceeded only by its taste.

Among the guests who dined, several produced blogs or articles about the experience and either they or we have displayed their photographs around the Web. (An excellent example is linked on our Facebook page.) As we reflect on summer as it draws to a close, we present you an inside look-back at our 2nd annual First Harvest through our own official photographer’s portfolio (food photography specialist Charity Burggraaf of Charity Lynne Photography, Seattle).