Dining at the Willows Inn on Lummi Island

Dinner is a preset tasting menu that is served each night at 6:30pm. It features ingredients from our farm and the ocean around us. Reservations are available to guests of the Inn. If you are not staying with us please call two weeks in advance to check availability.  We also offer Breakfast and Midday service.

Sample Tasting Menu

Rhubarb cider and wild berries

Raw chanterelles with dried smelts

Toasted kale leaves

Steelhead roe

Doughnuts of smoked black cod

Ripe plums

Fish and shellfish

Cold soup of grilled flowers

Rockfish wrapped in burnt kelp

A fresh tostada

Crab soaked in pine nut milk

Grilled squids

Ronde de nice squash

Smoked mussels and sunflower roots

Smoked sockeye salmon

Aged wild venison leg

bread from heirloom wheat with pan drippings

King salmon steamed with tomatoes and lovage

A digestive tea from toasted birch branches

Macerated blackberries

Anise hyssop and lavender

Pumpkin seed fudge and cordial

Please note that the menu is subject to change.

Menu $195
Wine pairing $90
Juice menu $ 40