Dining at the Willows Inn on Lummi Island

Sample Tasting Menu


toasted kale leaves
spot prawns in nasturtium leaves

smoked cod doughnuts
smoked mussels
smoked sockeye salmon

venison and morel skewer
octopus and radicchio skewer
geoduck and pork skewer

island berries with elderflowers
rockfish with poblano peppers
native oysters with watercress

herbed tostada
steamed zucchini
celtuce hotpot

bread from heirloom wheat and drippings
grilled halibut with caraflex cabbage

currants and cream
peach and roses
anise hyssop and lavender


Menu $225

Due to the nature of our menu we cannot accommodate requests for vegan, vegetarian, or no shellfish tasting menus for dinner service.