Dining at the Willows Inn on Lummi Island

Sample Tasting Menu


toasted kale leaves
smoked fish-filled doughnut
sunflower root and sweet onion
poached rhubarb with lemon thyme
rockfish with last summer’s peppers
pink singing scallops with black radish
poached spot prawn and it’s roe
smoked mussels with potatoes
toasted bread and oyster salad
steamed yellowfoot mushrooms
elk tartare with wild herbs and rye bread
steamed steelhead and spring onions together
overwintered rutabagas and caramelized razor clams
whole barbequed lamb with rosemary and anchovies
toasted birch branches
preserved quince and candied lavender
warm parsnip mousse and buckwheat
flax seed and pumpkin seeds



Menu $225

Due to the nature of our menu we cannot accommodate requests for vegan, vegetarian, or no shellfish tasting menus for dinner service.