On July 25-26, 2012 The Willows Inn on Lummi Island served as host to an exclusive First Harvest Dinner with six of the world’s most talented Chefs from across the nation and one from Europe. This collaborative culinary event was the first of its kind, coordinated to capture the abundance of the island’s yield of fish, sun-kissed produce, hand-raised livestock, and edible foliage.

Together, all six award-winning chefs submitted to a friendly 24-hour harvest challenge. The rules of the challenge required that they sourced all ingredients they used in the preparation of each prix fixe through salmon reef-netting, foraging, and harvesting from local farms.

This sold-out event was by invitation only, limited to 40 guests each evening. One attendee commented afterward, “This was the best meal I’ve had in my entire life.”

Please enjoy some photos from the event: