Island Activities on Lummi Island, Washington

Workplace Action Plan 2021

Our goal is not just to improve the workplace at the Willows Inn. We want to become the best example in the hospitality industry for the care and consideration of our employees. We hope that by putting our time and resources into the following that we are able to push our culture forward in tangible ways. Our goal with these actions is not to create one time occurrences but to create an on-going culture of positive change and influence in our workplace and community.


  1.  Maintain HR representative onsite to manage hiring, employee rights, benefits, trainings, compliance and to assess our practices.
  2. Conduct anonymous 360 degree reviews of ownership, management and culture. Work with HR advisors to create an action plan to address any issues revealed and continue improvements.
  3. Organize and provide mandatory (paid) training for sexual harassment and retaliation prevention, inclusion/diversity and for managers leadership training.
  4. Utilize professional recruiting services to help increase the diversity of applicants for future hiring of both hourly and salaried positions.
  5. Create a leadership team of hourly and salaried staff to meet monthly to discuss any issues or concerns that need to be addressed by ownership or HR.
  6. Sourcing guidelines and reference material for all services to ensure that no staff is misinformed about the products we are offering.
  7. Community action and involvement – continue donating to island organizations and causes, increase involvement with community events (ex: paid beach clean up days, educational garden tours), on-going meal donations to Lummi Island Meals on Wheels program (every Friday we are open), seek more opportunities to re-engage with our island.
  8. Reach out to Lummi Nation and work on connecting the heritage of Lummi Island to the future of the Willows Inn in a positive way that can be shared with staff and guests.